Winter Fuel Payment

Have you received your Winter Fuel Payment?

Updated August 2022

You could be eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment if you were born on or before 25th September 1956.  You can check whether you qualify for the payment of £250-£600 at

If you get the State Pension or another social security benefit (not Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Child Benefit or Universal Credit) you will be paid automatically and should have received your payment by 13th January. If not, or if you are eligible but do not get paid automatically, you need to make your claim before the deadline on 31st March 2023.

If you need some help to do this or you are worried about how to pay your bills and keep warm this winter, give Kayleigh, our Warm Homes Adviser, a call on 01799 618858 for advice on winter benefits and cold weather payments, the warm home discount scheme, energy efficiency, affordable warm and home improvement grants, switching energy suppliers and the priority services register.

If you feel you can do without your winter fuel payment, perhaps consider donating it to help others. During the cold weather many elderly people are faced with the stark choice of fuel or food, and lower temperatures increase the risk of health problems such as heart attacks, strokes and bronchitis.  We will use your donations to help people save money on heating costs, including access to help with insulation, understand what financial help is available and manage any fuel-related debts. Donate via their website or call 01799 618840.

Alternatively, if you would like your payment to go directly to local people who are struggling to pay for gas, electricity or oil, you might consider donating it to Sophie’s Fund – a small Uttlesford charity that gives grants to people in desperate situations.  This can be done online at