Do you really need to see a doctor?

It would be difficult not to be aware of the pressures currently faced by the NHS – as many of us who have struggled get an appointment to see our GP know only too well. You don’t need a doctor to refer you to all health and wellbeing services however.  In Uttlesford we have a single website where you can search and identify local services for yourself and then make a self-referral – this means you get the support you need more quickly, without waiting to see your doctor – and medical staff have more time to spend with patients who have urgent needs.

Local services that accept self-referrals include:

Essex child and family wellbeing services; including health visiting, parenting support, school nursing and support for children aged 5 – 19 (or 25 for children with special educational needs and disabilities) which includes help with dental care, immunisations, physical, emotional or developmental problems

Mental health services; adult mental health wellbeing services and talking therapies for depression and anxiety
Counselling services, including for children

Mentoring services for children and young people and support for children who have been bullied

Free weight management services, help to stop smoking or to make other lifestyle changes

Support services for parents of young children and children with learning or developmental disabilities, such as autism

NHS heart health checks

Cancer information and support services

Drugs and alcohol support, recovery programmes and family support

Support for anyone dealing with domestic violence

Support for long term health conditions such as COPD, Parkinson’s, MS or dementia

Support services for carers, including young carers

Simply go to and look for services by entering key words into the search area.  For example typing in ‘children’ will bring up all the local services that can help with many of the challenges being a parent can, and does, provide!  If you use a mobile device, you may prefer to download the ‘Frontline Public’ app from the App Store or google play.

If you don’t have access to the internet at home, you can get online for free at your local library, (ask staff to help you), or alternatively call Healthwatch on 0300 500 1895 for details of services in your local area. Our advisers can also make referrals on your behalf; call us for an appointment on 01799 618840.