Big Energy Saving Week 2018

Big Energy Saving Week is a fantastic opportunity to get expert advice on a range of ways to reduce your energy bills. Switching your tariff or supplier is normally the quickest and most effective way to bring your costs down, but you can also modify your home and change your habits.

Big Energy Saving Week is also important as it’s older people and those on the lowest incomes who are likely to be paying over the odds for their energy as they’re least likely to switch. We will be supporting this great initiative from 22 January – 28 January, watch out for our tweets and facebook posts, with some helpful hints and tips.

Our specialist ‘Warm Homes Adviser’, Kris, has the following advice to help you reduce your energy costs:

Use the three-step rule of check, switch, save:

·         Check your meter and bills regularly to make sure you’re paying the right amount.

·         Switch to a different tariff or supplier that’s better value for money by using an energy comparison tool.

·         Save energy by turning appliances off and making sure walls and lofts are well insulated. You should also make sure your boiler is in good working    order by getting it serviced regularly.

Kris also suggests further cost-cutting measures you can adopt, such as making sure your home is well insulated so it’s energy efficient, or checking if you’re entitled to benefits, grants or discounts like the Warm Home Discount – a £140 rebate from your supplier.

You can call Kris on 01799 618858, email him on or catch him at a drop-in event in your local library or community centre during January and February.