Keeping Warm this Winter

Download our ‘Keeping Warm’ leaflet here

Will you be warm this winter?

Uttlesford is a beautiful place to live, but many of the houses here were built hundreds of years ago, so are expensive to heat and fuel efficiency is poor.  Furthermore, 19% of houses are not on mains gas and, at the time of the last census, over 450 were without any form of central heating.

Living in a cold home is bad for anyone’s health, but older people, very young children and those with long term health problems are particularly vulnerable.  Cold, damp and draughty homes can make certain health conditions, such as respiratory problems, much worse.  Keeping warm over the winter can help to prevent colds, flu or more serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

Almost 10% of households in Uttlesford are thought to be in fuel poverty, and with fuel costs on the rise again even more people are finding it hard to keep their homes warm.   Possibly as a result, shockingly, this district has a far higher number of excess winter deaths than the national average (24.6% as opposed to 11.3%).

Fortunately, there is a new way for people living in Uttlesford to get practical support to help them keep warm during the winter.  Visit and search ‘cold’ or call us on 01799 618858 to access help and advice with:

Benefits, including cold weather payments and disability benefits

Money or debt, including debts to utility providers

Switching, to get lower fuel bills

The priority services register.

Home improvement grants and handyman services

Energy efficient behaviours and home improvements

Home safety

Personal alarms

Flu jabs

Fall prevention services

Community services, including transport, food delivery and home library services