Big Lottery Funding for Advice Services in Uttlesford

Big Lottery Funding for Advice Services in Uttlesford

Uttlesford CAB were delighted by the announcement on 14 May 2013 that the Big Lottery planned to make an award of £107,876 to support developments in advice provision in the district over the next two years.  

‘This funding will allow us to work more closely with various advice providers to improve the range and access of services to people living in Uttlesford. Funding will also be used to support the development of a referral system. This can be used by other organisations and groups to ensure that they can quickly and simply find out which services are available in order to make secure and effective referrals to advice and community support organisations active in the district. Every group and organisation who decides to be part of this project will be making advice services easier to access for the people that they help.’  

Andrew Gardner, CEO of Essex Age UK, commented ‘We are delighted that the Big Lottery has supported this application and look forward to working more closely with the partners in this project.

West Essex Macmillans with Mary Hanbury from South Essex Partnership University NHS Trust commented “I am really pleased that this funding will allow us to provide easier access to cancer information to a wide range of partners and enable easier access to information for the people of Uttlesford”.   

Rob Wilks from the Royal Association for Deaf people added, ‘We are really pleased that some of the barriers faced by Deaf people when trying to get legal advice are being tackled by this project’.

Judith Snares, Uttlesford District Council’s Housing Needs and Landlord Services Manager commented ‘All advice providers are under enormous pressure to cope with the level of complexity and degree of problems people are asking for help with, we are delighted to be working with other groups to ensure that people we are helping get the best support possible.’

CVSU stated that “We believe this project will help create a lasting legacy of easy to access help and advice delivered to local people by local partners”

Kate Robson, Manager of Uttlesford CAB stated ‘In challenging times we really all need to work together to give the best help we can to people needing support and advice, I would urge any Uttlesford service provider, organisation or community support groups who would be interested in using referrals to contact us at